The OERC was an interurban system formed in 1907 that ran from Toledo to Cincinnati until 1927. The system provided efficient passenger service to scores of small towns in Western Ohio between these major cities. In the early 1900’s most rural roads were unpaved and primarily traveled by horse drawn buggies and wagons. In wet weather and in winter these roads were often impassable. The electric railroad filled a transportation need.

The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Traction Company rans its interurban electric railroad lines south from Dayton into Moraine parallel to Dixie Drive, behind Ellery and Fulton Avenues heading south into West Carrollton. Two notable stations were at Blanchard Avenue (then called Edison Avenue) to drop off workers to the Dayton Wright Airplane Company, Delco Light or Frigidaire. A second stop was where today’s Waffle House along Springboro Pike is located. The big red traction cars provided safe, clean, fast and inexpensive transportation. A Cincinnati and Lake Erie servicing and operation building was located next to the Frigidaire plant on Springboro Pike and featured an eight track service yard. A second traction car service barn was located near the intersection of Dorothy Lane and Kettering Blvd. In the 1940’s when motor buses provided more modern transportation, the interurban system traction lines were eventually removed.

The Moraine Historical Marker “Ohio Electric Railway Company” is located at the intersection of Springboro Pike and Dryden Road.

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