Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miler

Date: September 2017

Nassau is the capital and largest city in The Bahamas with a population of 275,000 or 70% of the entire country. It is located on the island of New Providence. Historically, it was considered to be a stronghold of pirates.  The town that would be named Nassau was founded in 1670 by British noblemen where they built a fort and called it Charles Towne (Photo#1) in honor of England’s King Charles II.

Rosie and I went to Sunday Catholic mass at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral and toured the old downtown city center. We passed the Government House home of the Bahamian Parliament with a statue of Christopher Columbus in front.  Parliament Square included a building for the Supreme Court.  We saw the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, Pirates of Nassau, horse drawn carriage rides and the Straw Market which sold crafts, fish and food. I almost got killed walking back to the Sandals Resort as I forgot drivers in Bahamas drive on the opposite side of the road as Americans. I looked left which was clear and stepped out in front of a car coming from the right. I got back just in time.  

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