Hiking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Hiking Date:  October-November 2020

Located beside the Olentangy Bike Trail, this 1.2 mile loop hiking trail goes around Antrim Lake, a former quarry.  The trail is shaded and scenic and we found a short spur trail that leads to the Olentangy River and a low dam.  This trail is special because it was the first trail I walked after my bone marrow transplant. Rosie had found this park one day while biking 10 miles north of the James Cancer Hospital on the Olentangy Bike Trail. On Day 43 after transplant I gave the hiking trail a try. I had to stay out of the sun due to graft vs host disease so this was a perfect starter trail for me. It was tough getting around one lap but a month later I was walking four laps or five total miles around the lake with Rosie.

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