Running Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: April 2008

The Flying Pig Half Marathon was one challenging race. Daughter Jacque was supposed to run it with me but hurt her leg during training and could not run. Rosie ran as a bandit and ran the first three miles only. She and Jacque cheered me on at the finish line. The race began near Great American Baseball Stadium and the Coliseum. The route took us over Taylor Southgate Bridge into Kentucky past the Newport Aquarium then wound through the streets of Newport and Covington. Re re-entered Ohio via the Wade Bailey Bridge and ran on Johnny Bench Way and Pete Rose Way.

Mile 5 through 7 was quite the challenge as Gilbert Avenue slowly climbed 400 feet climb up and around Eden Park overlook with a great cliff view both east and west of the Ohio River. What goes up must come down so three miles later I was back at Gilbert Avenue for a 1 ¼ mile downhill dash. Thanks to gravity I practically sprinted all the way down only to realize I still had 2 miles to go. I just had enough gas left in the tank to make it to the finish line beside Great American Ballpark. My chip time was 2 hrs. 11 minutes. There were 7,361 overall participants.

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