Dive Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Matt Miller, Jacque Miller, Holly Miller, Shane Miller

Date: December 28, 2003

The Miller children’s first attempt at Snuba -a form of surface-supplied diving that uses an underwater breathing system for shallow scuba diving. No certification was needed. We were late due to a raised drawbridge but they held the dive boat for us. We headed for Davis Reef. The sun turned overcast, the wind picked up creating waves and rough water. The clouds limited our underwater visibility but we were determined to dive. A raft was placed into the water with air tanks on it. Underwater hoses ran from the tanks to supply us with air. We wore wetsuits, harness (to hold the air hose), mask, snorkel and fins. We slowly dove to the 25 foot reef. We didn’t get much training as some of the kids ears hurt due to compression or their masks were a little loose and collected some salt water. Matt and I made it to the bottom and saw the colorful reef, some grunts, butterfly fish and many other fish. It was not the most perfect conditions but it gave the family exposure to diving. Eventually, five out of six family members became certified divers.

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