Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: December 12, 1991

Located in the Mojave Desert, this National Conservation Area located a few miles west of Las Vegas has almost 200,000 acres of geology featuring rock formations, sandstone cliffs, colorful red iron oxide or hematite rock and dinosaur tracks. I hiked Calico Hills, a trail running from Calico Basin to Calico Rocks. I saw a variety of cactus and a couple lizards along the trail. I left the trail and began climbing a moderate trail up into the rocks (Photos#1-#3). I heard native American music and chanting up ahead around the bend. I came upon a man who was playing music on a tape recorder, chanting and shaking an Indian gourd that rattles. He was facing the sun and was obviously performing some type of ceremony so out of respect I quietly passed by and headed up the rocky overlook. Overall, I hiked about four miles in this blazing heat . Always carry lots of water with you. Driving back we saw “Slow, Wild Ass” signs. Yes, I know I was near Las Vegas but that’s not what the signs meant. Just around the curve I hit the breaks as several wild asses or burros (Photo#4) were crossing the road. They are protected in this conservation area. Heading back I stopped at Old Nevada, a small gas station/casino and utilized a unique, “can’t miss” urinal (Photo#5).

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