Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: May 1975

A few miles west of Morehead, Kentucky was a dangerous but fun hiking trail in the Cumberland Plateau in Daniel Boone National Forest. I drove to the trailhead via Clack Mountain Road which passes a waterfall and goes through a tight tunnel (Photo #3 & #4). The Lockegee Rock Trail is only a mile long and is an easy hike through woods and rock with only a 140 foot elevation climb. With all of the nooks and crannies in the rocks I kept an eye out for rattlesnakes.  The final ascent is a steep 20 foot rock climb that has hand holds but was still scary. When reaching the rock summit at 1,362 feet you can sit safely near the edge and lookout across the tree laden countryside with Cave Run Lake in the distance. I took six photos moving the camera a little each time and once printed, taped them together creating a great majestic panoramic view of the entire area. Nearby Cave Run Lake is a man-made lake created by damming up the Licking River. The small, once thriving town of Yale is now submerged underwater. Sadly, poor visibility does not provide me the opportunity to scuba dive there.

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