HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE Colorado Springs, Colorado

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: 1987

This was a thrilling roadside attraction, “Ballooning the Springs”. The 90 minute balloon ride was scary but gave us incredible views of the city, the USA Skiing Olympic Training Center, snow-capped Rocky Mountains and the plains of Colorado. Standing in the basket under the flame (Photo#2) and huge balloon we soared up several thousand feet and could see 100 miles in every direction. As we descended my Super 8 film captured the shadow of our balloon (Photo#1) on the ground near a river. Being at the mercy of the wind we landed very close to an apartment complex. Afterwards, we rented motorbikes and drove up a gravel road in the mountain to a privately owned natural hot springs that we laid in for an hour. On the way back Rosie stopped as several wild horses were crossing the road (Photo#4).

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