Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Debbie “Orca” Miller, Justin Eller, Holly Eller

Date: April 16, 2021, July 3, 2021

We journeyed to Englewood Metroparks just east of Englewood Dam and hiked the 4.1 mile Green Trail. The easy to moderate mostly wooded trail took as past three waterfalls, lots of wildflowers like Bluebells (Photo#2) then a wetlands area called Swamp Forest that has some rare Pumpkin Ash trees. After viewing Martindale Falls we ascended a ravine which eventually took us parallel to the Stillwater River (Photo#3). One long straightaway I called Horror Hallway reminiscent of long corridor shots in movies that look like they go on forever (Photo#4). It was a great hike and we managed to keep the Orca out of the water. On the second hike, we spotted a large, heavy snapping turtle resting in tall grasses off the trail. Justin tried to pick him up from behind but no luck.

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