Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: August & Sept. 2021

Paranormal Claims: My cousin Joyce told me about the eerie sightings at this 102-year-old club which was founded in 1919 by the Lowe, Mead, Patterson and Talbott families as a social alternative to traditional area country clubs. Two years ago, her husband Greg and a few other volunteers were working one morning in the wooded front yard area (photo#4) and they saw a woman wearing a white gown walking by some trees.  When they reached the spot, she was gone. They walked next door to the nursing home and checked with management thinking maybe a patient wandering loose, but every patient was accounted for. Historically, a little girl had died on the property to the left of the entrance in the area (photo#5) where the woman was seen. The girl had climbed up on a stone wall fireplace which had “Keep Off” signs on it, the wall collapsed and killed her.

Another ghost sighting comes from former caretaker John Bentley. John lived in the upper second floor right side bedroom apartment in the lodge for many years. The lodge bar is now named after him. One evening after closing the facility he was out on the front porch area (photo#3), looked up and waved at a woman who was looking out the window (photo #8) of the upper left side apartment bedroom window. She waved back. The apartment was unoccupied as John was the only live-in caretaker. When asked by a patron one time if he felt alone living there by himself, he said, “I am never alone, I have her” referring to the ghost woman.

Other reports include pots, pans and other noises being heard in the kitchen when no one is in there. In addition, a man supposedly hung himself in the horse barn a long time ago (the barn no longer exists). Historically, there is a basement room that was once used a s a speakeasy back in the prohibition days.

I walked around the perimeter of the building and took photos and two EVPs below the window where the ghost woman was seen. I did not have access to the room but inside I did walk around in several areas (photo#6 & #7) on the floor below the window.  I conducted several EVP’s but did not obtain any evidence.

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