Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Tom Reed, Kalen Gordon, Shaneen Reed

Date: Fall 2013

Area 51 Paranormal and POOP were asked to investigate this small house on Seven Pines Drive.  The mother (who we will call Angie) was a friend of Kalen and was concerned over claims made by her children Charlotte (age 3) and Nicholas (age 4). The children claimed their deceased grandmother referred to as Nona haunted their rooms and also a black shadow figure they called “the preacher”. The dark figure was also seen in the basement. Charlotte says the ghost would talk to her through a doll. It was arranged that Angie and the kids would spend the night at a friend’s house so that we would have the house alone for our investigation.

The investigation took place from 10:30pm until 1:15am. We used Kalen’s new paranormal voice box machine that would register word responses based upon our questions. In Charlotte’s room at her crib, we got many radar pings and EMF Meter spikes. During questions at the crib, words that came up were the name Lisa, burning, roadway and low, making us speculate that perhaps someone was buried under the house or did a fire take place on the property long ago?

In Nicholas’s room we got the words remove, represent and replace. Kalen telephoned Angie who revealed to us for the first time that her grandmothers name was Paralena “Lena” Shoenburg (maiden name Rosponti). Since the voice box device has a limited vocabulary of words, Kalen thought that the name “Lisa”, mentioned in Charlotte’s room, may have meant to be “Lena”, the closest word match. In summary, we did not get the impression of anything here that was malevolent, if it is the grandmother’s spirit, but have no clue who the “dark shadow figure” is. I will follow up on the history of the property to see if there may have been a house fire here prior to the subdivision being built.

Angie feels that the grandmother’s spirit, who died before Charlotte & Nicholas was born, longed to see her grandchildren and may be hanging around to love and protect them.

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