SNORKELING ANNIVERSARY REEF Biscayne National Park, Florida

Dive Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: November 7, 2021

I’m back in the Bermuda Triangle again, the northern edge. I am immune-compromised recovering from my cancer bone marrow transplant so my doctor said no to a crowded dive boat. Instead, we booked this eco-tour snorkeling/kayaking expedition. Only Rosie and me and three other people on the boat “King Fisher” plus Captain Harold. On the boat, I got to help as a crew member, raising the anchor and tying us off on buoys.   With water temperature 72 degrees and air temperature 75 degrees it was a comfortable outing. Anniversary Reef was located nine miles out in the Atlantic Ocean from Biscayne National Park Visitor Center, three miles out from the barrier islands and mangrove forests. The day before was our 39th Anniversary so what a coincidence that the reef was named Anniversary Reef. At a depth of 20 feet, visibility was okay considering the swells were occasionally rough.

During the 55 minute snorkel we saw elkhorn coral, brain coral and sea fans plus yellowtail snappers, grunts, blue tang, Sgt. Majors, hamlets, wrasses, blue chromis and much more. Rosie did great!

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