Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Jacque Kelly

Date: November 4, 2021

Built in the late 1800’s, Rosa Villa was established as a hotel in 1901 and accommodated important guests who preferred privacy.  The hotel thrived for many years but fell into disrepair. It was refurbished in 2007 to a restaurant with a 1920’s theme. Nick, Jacque & Elizabeth Kelly treated Rosie & I to dinner to celebrate our 39th anniversary.

Jacque had discovered that the restaurant was haunted so her and I met with the manager. He gave us a walking tour and explained that the building was haunted by a girl named Mary. Mary lived in the 1910’s and fell down the steps between the 2nd and 3rd floor (Photo#2 & #3) and died. He said that he became the owner two years ago and that is when the paranormal activity began. He has no sixth sense but about a couple times a week he may feel a light touch on his leg when on the third floor stairway.  One time, the manager saw the figure of a man in a suit on the second floor whom he guesses may be a previous owner (Photo#4). A third incident was very interesting – he was on the phone and heard a sing song voice coming from the next room. The owner’s son was in the bar cleaning tables and yelled “what did you say Dad”?  The manager said “what did you say son”? Both heard the voice but no other person was there as the restaurant wasn’t open yet.  A fourth incident, the manager was alone and closing the restaurant for the night. He said goodnight to Mary as he always did, turned the light off in the bar and went outside to his car.  He looked back and the light in the bar was back on.

The manager is sensitive about angering Mary so he did not allow me to tape his conversation during the tour. Later, I excused myself under the pretense of going to the restroom and re-visited the 2nd and 3rd floor stairways and rooms.  I did several EVP’s on the tape recorder and took lots of photos but did not capture any evidence. As for dinner, the salmon and vegetables were awesome not to mention my Villa Bluebird Rum Curacao mixed drink. I had two Bluebirds to try to heighten my sixth sense – it didn’t work. Drinking spirits did not help me see any spirits. But it was a valiant effort on my part.

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