Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Shane Miller

Date: April 2009

Formerly known as the Eaton Lodge, this Victorian manor house bed and breakfast is located on Eaton Street just off Duval Street in the heart of “Old Town” Key West. On the National Registry of Historic Homes, this house built in 1886 has 14 unique rooms and a private tropical garden. The B&B is haunted by Dr. William Warren (Photo#1), his wife Genevieve and former patients. Dr. Warren purchased the house in 1913 from the original owner and set up waiting rooms and surgery for his medical practice. B&B guests claim that they have heard the footsteps of the doctor pacing the hallway at night worrying about his patients. Others have heard a typewriter as the doctor often stayed up very late typing his medical reports. Other guests have seen the apparition of a man and woman holding hands and walking through the courtyard garden. Warren is also heard in the Eaton Room, which served back then as the doctor’s morgue.  

Shane and I took photos and EVP’s in the Garden Room, Veranda Room and at the courtyard (Photo#3&#4). Shane sat where another investigator was touched by an unseen presence two nights before. We did not obtain any evidence, but it was a fun investigation.

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