HIKING MARYMERE FALLS TRAIL Olympic National Park Port Angeles, Washington

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: July 1, 2022

On July 1st we drove 18 miles west of Port Angeles to the Lake Crescent area of the park. The deep, glacially carved lake is 12 miles long. The pristine turquoise waters of the lake are good for trout fishing. The lake had little nitrogen which limits the growth of algae. Without algae, the water stays a clear stunning blue-green color. In some places you can see 60 feet down making me wish that I could scuba dive here. Two types of trout, found no where else in the world, live here.

After talking to rangers at the Storm King Ranger Station, we hiked this 2.4 mile trail up to the falls. A big field of daisies grew in front of the station and more wildflowers and green moss populated both side of the beginning part of the trail. The trail wound through an old growth forest and gradually climbed 400 feet to the beautiful 90-foot waterfalls.

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