HIKING WOLF CREEK TRAIL Olympic National Park, Washington

Hiking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: June 30, 2002

This dirt trail descends to Whiskey Bend in the Elwha Valley.  We hiked down and back about 3.7 miles. The trail took us from woods to open land and back to denser forest. The 200-foot climb back up the trail was not too bad as it had lots of beautiful wildflowers and many switchbacks. I kept the bear spray handy since bears had been spotted in the forest the day before. We saw many deer laying in the grassland to the north and then later we watched several deer stalking below us. An interesting fact about grizzly bears, in 1975 there were only 100 to 300 existing but thanks to National Park efforts, today there are 1,900 in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

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