HAUNTED CARRIAGE HOUSE Museum of the Mountain West    Montrose, Colorado

Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: July 16, 2022

This 1895 Diehl Carriage Works building was moved to the museum from Delta, Colorado not only a place to repair carriages but it was also where heavyweight champion boxer Jack Dempsey trained. Upstairs, a section of the loft was Dempsey’s training area. Some of his first fights were held in this building. The paranormal angle is that staff and visitors have had a lot of experiences such as hearing footsteps on the second floor, seeing a black shadow figure, lights that come on at night by themselves, and an apparition that appeared in a mirror. Museum owner and archaeologist Richard Fike said that he had heard that back in Delta, enraged townsfolk had lynched a Ute Indian in the rafters of the building. In that same building a man died after being kicked by a horse. I took many photos and an EVP, but it was difficult to investigate the building as a country band was performing a couple buildings down and the carriage house always had a patron or two in it. Still, it was filled with frontier history and many artifacts. Behind the carriage house was a boxcar used in the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.

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