HAUNTED MURDER HOUSE Museum of the Mountain West Montrose, Colorado

Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: July 16, 2022

This Empire architectural house, built in 1903 on 201 South 5th Street in Montrose, was the site where a man murdered several of his family in the 1930’s. The house was purchased and moved to the museum in the spring of 2016. Ironically, the museum later discovered that this was not the real murder house, that the murders occurred in a nearby house on that street.

None the less, I interviewed a tour guide who told me about his scary personal experience at this house a few years ago. The guide said that years later after the house was relocated here, that this house was debunked – it was not the actual murder house. It was a different house next to this house in the alley that was the actual murder house.

“I was closing one night and had locked up the brick building up there and was walking down through here and I heard bang, bang, bang. I thought there had been carpenters working around all day and if the carpenters are working in that house, they are sure working late. I walked up to the house and the door was open and I heard the bang, bang again. It was obviously coming from upstairs. I went in and the house reeked – old, dirty, nasty, and unwashed for years at the time. I opened the door to the stairway. It was a short hallway and had a sharp turn, with tight, tiny steps. I started up the stairs and heard bang, bang really loud since I was inside. I yelled, “upstairs, who is upstairs?” I started upstairs, and as my eyes came over the last step the banging stopped. Not a sound. I walked through the entire upper part of the house, every room, closet, every nook and cranny and nothing. No one was there. I did the obvious thing and got the heck out of there. I don’t need this.”

I walked through the house. The house was now clean and furnished in early 1900 furniture and artifacts. I took photos and an EVP inside. Outside around the perimeter of the house I took more photos. I obtained no evidence. Yet, the guide’s story was true and he speculated if a different ghostly presence is in this house, who is it?

Talking to the museum owner/archaeologist Richard Fike, he told me that Zak Bagan brought his Travel Channel “Ghost Adventures” TV show here in 2017 to investigate.

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