HAUNTED MT. SHASTA Mt. Shasta, California

Expedition Team: Dave Miller

Date: July 8, 2022

At 14,179 feet, Mt. Shasta is not only California’s fifth highest volcanic mountain peak, but it is big in urban legends and myths. The mountain and the nearby city of only 3,200 people, is the center of paranormal, mystical, and metaphysical activity. The mountain has been worshiped for over one thousand years by Hopi, Wintu, and other native American tribes but in the past one hundred years it has also been worshipped by believers in aliens, UFO’s, Bigfoot, and Lizard-people.

Native Americans believe a chief God fought another chief God by throwing hot rocks and lava, probably just describing a volcanic eruption. They also believe a hidden underground city called Telos is occupied by advanced beings from the lost continent of Lemuria. In the 1880’s they were seen coming out of tunnels and lava tubes wearing white robes, had white hair and were about seven feet tall.   

A British prospector named Brown said he discovered an underground lost city in 1904 filled with gold, shields, and ten-foot-tall mummies.

Many believe that Mt. Shasta is the home base for the Lizard People, reptilian humanoids that reside underground. The story reminds me of the Lizard Man, reported seen in Bishopville, South Carolina. In this case it is just not one lizard man, but many.

As for the spiritualists or “New-Age” believers, they feel that the mountain resonates “zero point energy” or “Essence Energy” which translates to the awakened vibrational field of the planet.

Lastly, unexplained lights and UFO’s have been reported many times around Mt. Shasta as recently as 2020. As if this isn’t enough, during the building of nearby Shasta Lake and Reservoir in 1944 and 1945, miles of land were flooded. Underneath the water are seven old mining towns, many former Indian sites and, some speculate, many bodies and cemeteries.  My hike in the nearby Shasta-Trinity National Forest produced no evidence of anything supernatural other than a strange cloud that looked like a hand with fingers with a hole in the middle. But with this history it’s no wonder there are so many urban legends and supernatural beliefs here.

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