Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Matt Miller, Breanna Miller, Holly Eller, Jacque Kelly

Date: September 25, 2022

I was being treated at the popular restaurant for my birthday for some great German food, so we used that occasion for an investigation as well. We had investigated here prior to May 2019 when the restaurant was damaged by a tornado. A quick history, the building was built around 1910 and first used as a general store and deli on the ground floor while the owner’s family lived upstairs. In 1989 the building was sold and reopened in 1990 as a restaurant.

As for the paranormal, staff claim doors slam by themselves, glasses have flown off shelves, lights and fans turn on by themselves. A girl with black hair wearing a white gown has been seen staring out of the attic window and one time an apparition appeared in front of the cook. Staff have told me that they feel uneasy and scared in the basement stockroom. Some believe the ghost is Genevieve Ksiezopolsli, daughter of the original general store owner. She is called “Chickie”, never married and lived her entire life in the building.

On this evening I obtained no evidence from EVP sessions at the restroom area and near the bar but we did talk to a couple waitresses that provided additional stories and some photo evidence. One employee has seen the face and black silhouette of his body looking out the east first floor window when she would lock up and leave. Could this be the ghost of the original owner? The other employee provided me with two photos taken at the restaurant after it closed for the evening. The first photo looks to be a misty face. The second photo appears to be a person on the left wearing a white dress or nightgown. Our ghost hunting club hopes to investigate during October, one of the only opportunities that the restaurant allows anyone to investigate there.

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