Investigation Team: Dave Miller, Jacque Kelly

Date: February 18, 2023

Many cemetery visitors have claimed the scary tombstone eyes of Charles Breuer, a wealthy real estate mogul stares at them with his yellow eyes and follows them walking past. But one claim is much more frighting. One evening a man was walking through the Spring Gove Cemetery, the 2nd largest cemetery in the United States. He admired the landscaping and walked by the large tombstone of Charles Breuer. The large, white, rectangular marble tombstone has a bust of Charles – head, neck, and shoulders – protruding in the center of the grave marker. The stone face is carved with great detail, beard, nose, mouth and very realistic yellow eyes. As the man walked by and the eyes followed him, one eye popped out and fell to the ground and landed near his foot. The eye turned and looked at him. As the story goes, the man screamed and fled. The man returned the next day to see if he had just imagined things the previous day and found both stone eyes intact in the bust but found a wet, slimy trail on the ground where the “eye” rolled. Jacque and I took many photos of the bust’s head and the eye. E walked by the tomb but did not notice the eyes following us. This could just be another urban legend.

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