Hiking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Debbie Miller

Date: July 30, 2022

We parked at the canoe launch where we put in our four canoes and begun many kayak trips south on the Little Miami River to Bellbrook. At this site we began hiking the River Loop Trail which ran parallel to the river for 2.4-miles before looping back. The shaded trail was flat, sometimes tight with overgrown trees and bushes. We saw lots of squirrels. We connected with the 1.1-mile Big Woods Loop Trail which took us out of the trees and into a meadow. We then connected with the .7-mile Sugar Bush Loop Trail and on the way back we branched off and ascended up onto the .8-mile Vista Loop Trail. Someone had put sunglasses on a tree which made it look like a face. When finished we had hiked just over five miles.

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