Bike Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Jennifer Clark, Mike Clark

Date: August 29, 2023

Mike & Jennifer led us on a 12-mile bicycle trip around WB island. We biked north past Johnny Mercer Beach where we saw a sand sculpture honoring Jesus. Mike said that Jim Cantore from the weather channel always gives his weather reports from the end of this concrete bridge when a hurricane is about to hit. Father north we passed a beach house where Michael Jordan once lived. Lumina Avenue ended at the north end of WB where the scenery was beautiful – marsh land, sand, and a bird habitat.

We then biked back south eventually passing St. Therese Catholic Church (where we attended mass later) and came to Crystal Pier. At the pier we had lunch at the Oceanic, a seafood restaurant. I enjoyed watching the surfers and the men fishing. After lunch, we biked to the south end of WB where we saw the boats at the Coast Guard Station and a sandy, fenced off bird sanctuary. It was a fun bike ride. WB also has outstanding sunsets.

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