GIANT CRUCIFIX Indian River, Michigan

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Tracy Harpster, Mary Grace

Date: August 23, 2023

This is supposedly the second largest crucifix in America and is unique as Jesus is not wearing the crown of thorns on his head. The cross is carved from a single redwood tree in 1953 and is 55 feet tall. The crucifix with Jesus was completed in 1959 and is 28 feet tall. It is also called the “The Cross in the Woods” or “The Crucifix in the Woods”. The nearby Catholic church has outdoor seating in front of the cross or indoor seating with an entire wall of the church made of glass so that mass can be held, and the parishioners can look outside and see the crucifix. We look forward to returning to attend Catholic Mass here and see the Nun Doll Museum which occupies one wing of the building. As we approached the giant crucifix at night, it was foggy and misty, and you could see the reflection of the crucifix in the fog/clouds behind the cross. It was a very astounding and spiritual experience.

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