Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Jacque Kelly, Elizabeth Kelly, Nick Kelly, Rosie Miller

Date: August 21, 2023

At Cherry Republic is North America’s Official Pit Spitting Arena. Spitting the pits of cherries is popular in this part of the country. Official spitting rules are posted, and many are very funny. The wood posts on each side are marked every three feet to make it easy to measure your distance. I went back inside the gift store and ate two free sample chocolate covered cherries. I carried the pits outside to the arena, leaned against the rope and gave it a spit. One cherry pit went about 12 feet. Nearby was a challenging game. A nail was hammered into the wall, and you stood ten feet away and swung a metal ring attached to thin rope towards the nail trying to attach the ring to the nail. I thought this was impossible, but Nick and Jacque achieved it in a short time. I finally got it after about 50 tosses. The food here was fantastic as I had delicious chowder, fish tacos and a cherry beer.

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