Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Date: September 20, 2023

We stopped at Buckeye Express Diner, a former B & O Railroad passenger car. Inside were hundreds of OSU football memorabilia. Outside, lurking behind the train diner was the world’s largest bobblehead Jacque. Jacque is a giant chef with a spring neck and is just shy of 35 feet tall. Jacque and holds two cheeseburgers, a favorite at the nearby Buckeye Diner. Jacque leans at an angle so it looks like he is walking towards you. I sent my son Matt a picture of Jacque and Matt said, “that is something out of a fever dream. If it started walking towards me in a dark alley, I would unload on it with every firearm that I own”.  I guess Jacque would look menacing and scary at night. The diner also had a fake Indian, teepee, and bison nearby. In the diner, I ordered something that I haven’t eaten in 51 years when I was a teenager, and my mother would cook it – a fried bologna sandwich. The bologna was one inch thick! 

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