LARGE SHOPPING CART New Burlington, Ohio

Biking Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Holly Eller, Jacque Kelly, Elizabeth Kelly

Bicycling 20 miles on a section of the scenic Little Miami Bike Trail between Spring Valley and Corwin we crossed Roxanne-New Burlington Road. Located in a fenced area behind a landscape business was a very large shopping cart.  We must have biked past the cart dozens of times over the past decade. I wondered if this was the largest shopping cart in Ohio. I decided to find out. The next day I called the landscape company, and a woman answered the phone.  She had all the answers. She laughed and said that her uncle purchased the shopping cart in the late 1970’s. It has been here since. She remembers playing on the cart when she was growing up. My research did not reveal if this was Ohio’s largest shopping cart but it huge. Recently, daughter Jacque and granddaughter Elizabeth got their photo taken in a giant motorized shopping cart in a Kroger store. It was a little smaller than the New Burlington shopping cart but still quite big.

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