Expedition Team:  Jacque Kelly, Dave Miller, Rosie Miller
Expedition Date:   July 2017

Jacque and I ran the “Run to the Moon 5K Run” in Wapakoneta while Rosie cheered us on.  This was my fourth race since being in cancer remission and I am glad Jacque slowed her pace that last half mile.  The race began and finished at the Neil Armstrong Museum. NASA Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon after Armstrong) was the race starter.  Aldrin gave a two hour lecture about the mission to Mars later that afternoon at the local high school which was fascinating.  We talked to the other guest Mike Mallory, the Navy frogman who was the first diver in the water to add flotation devices to the space capsule after it splashed down coming back from the moon.  Dave got to talk scuba with Mallory for a while.  We toured the Armstrong Space Museum, viewed the unique exhibits and took lots of photos.  People dressed as Star Wars characters were everywhere.  We attended the evening Wapak Moon Festival downtown and listened to bands, saw a pig race and ate chocolate covered bacon.  We camped at the Wapak KOA. 

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