Expedition Team: Jacque Kelly, Rosie Miller, Dave Miller
Expedition Date: June 2017

This is a unique, free place everyone should visit. After running the 5K Run at the Neil Armstrong Museum, Rosie, Jacque and I ate and enjoyed music at the Moon Festival before visiting this incredible attraction. Jim Bowsher, artist, writer, corrections counselor, visionary, began creating in the late 1990’s in his suburban backyard (consisting of many large lots) using hundreds of tons of rock, an incredible rock temple, rock statues, sculptures, megaliths and hundreds of stone structures.

We spent 30 minutes wondering through the rock and tree complex and did not see everything that Jim created. The temple itself is twenty feet high accessed by rock stairs with an alter on top for quiet meditation. The Temple complex consists of the main temple and many smaller temples, a Vietnam War Memorial, gardens and archaeology items. A barrel shaped house (the only one in the USA) sits amid trees and rocks where Babe Ruth once stopped by to play poker. “The peace temple helps to cure peoples dysfunctions,” Bowsher told us. His home is an unbelievable museum of artifacts and memorabilia.

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