Dive Team:  Rosie Miller, Dave Miller

Dive Date:  September 26, 2017

Rosie couldn’t scuba dive as she was recovering from a torn calf muscle but she was able to snorkel.  We booked a snorkel trip with Stuart’s Cove Dive Bahamas.  The sky was clear, temperature a comfortable 84 degrees as the boat cruised past a few tankers and pleasure boats toward open water.

First stop we snorkeled for an hour next to a small island one mile off the southwest coast of Nassau.  The island is Goulding Cay but local divers call it Hollywood Cay.  The island is bare except for one lonely palm tree.  The island is featured in the Scooby Doo movie and several other action movies.  With visibility at 45 feet, the reef below was teeming with a variety of colorful fish and a few barracuda.  Once aboard I enjoyed several times jumping from the upper deck of the dive boat into the water.

The second snorkel location that day was a mile away and was a shark viewing opportunity.  We were in the water holding on to a long rope attached to the boat.  The dive master tossed food in the water which settled about 40 feet below.  A dozen Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks appeared out of nowhere.  After three minutes of viewing the sharks below us, we scampered aboard the dive boat as their attention turned to us.  I videoed the sharks a moment later as they came to the surface seeking more food.

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