DIVING MIKE’S WRECK New Providence Island, Nassau, Bahamas

Dive Team:  Dave Miller

Dive Date:  September 27, 2017

Sharks galore on this dive. I was diving the wreck of two 65 foot long tug boats lying in 59 feet of water a few miles off the southwest coast of Nassau. On the dive saw several four foot long nurse sharks and 8 or 9 five to six foot long Caribbean reef sharks. The reef sharks accompanied us the entire 40 minute dive, circling around us or darting beside or in front of us. Beautiful, sleek looking fish. The reef was very vibrant and colorful with thousands of angel fish, file fish, parrotfish, blue tangs, yellow tailed snapper, butterfly fish, plus small fish such as yellow & blue wrasses, blenny’s and grunts. The tug boat wrecks were only twenty yards apart and teeming with life. Over the years, coral has grown both fore and aft on each deck and a large grouper greeted me when I swam into the pilothouse. Visibility was 75 feet & the water was a warm 85 degrees.

OO7’s Sean Connery’s house was a few miles from the dive shop where he has lived 30+ years. There are many locations on the island where several James Bond movies were filmed. The dive shop offers a wreck dive with some boats that were sunk during filming. I hope to return with Matt & Holly and dive that and other sites.

I took a great photo of a lion fish, a beautiful fish but one that is hazardous or even fatal to divers due to its 18 venomous spines. Lion fish are known to produce many off-spring, eat other fish and is a major threat to reef ecosystems. Where ever I go diving, when a lion fish is spotted, we signal the dive master who spears it. It is taken aboard the dive boat and removed or on this dive, was held at the tip of the spear and the reef sharks ate it in seconds. The toxins do not hurt the sharks, only humans.

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