Investigation Team:   Dave Miller
Investigation Date:     January 27, 2020

Another Ohio urban legend. This was the second of three investigations in Gratis the past month.
CLAIMS: So many weird claims circulate about the bridge. In one, a creature lives in the woods and you can hear it growl under or near the bridge. Secondly, legend has it a distraught mother threw her baby from the bridge where at night you hear it crying (hence the name Crybaby Bridge).

INVESTIGATION: Once a popular destination for teens, the steel bridge is closed and deteriorating, concrete blocks keeping people from driving onto the bridge. The road, barely wide enough for two cars, is also in bad shape near the bridge. A sign at the north entrance to Fudge Road says “Road Closed Ahead”, to deter people from entering (locals were tired of carloads of young adults drinking, making noise and looking for ghosts at night). The bridge is just a quarter mile from the southern entrance to Fudge Road with a no trespassing sign on a pole overlooking a field. A large creepy, abandoned house is on the left. I walked to the bridge and took photos. I can imagine how you would feel at night because on this dreary, overcast afternoon the dead trees, the sound of the rushing stream and the remoteness made it feel very eerie. Although there are no monsters that live under the bridge, it is a creepy place, ripe for tall tales that created this urban legend.

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