LUCKY CAT MUSEUM Cincinnati, Ohio

Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Jacque Kelly, Rosie Miller, Debbie Miller
Expedition Date:    February 7, 2020

Here is an entertaining Roadside Attraction in Cincinnati if you love cats. The owner has over 3,000 cats displayed. Some are ceramic, some antiques, some interactive. Many feature Japan’s lucky cat, Maneki Neko. Going back to the late 1600’s, the different color of cat or which paw was raised have different Japanese meanings. The owner paid $1,300 for a Catzilla, a large cat that looks like Godzilla. One cat in real life saved a train station from closing due to few riders. The cat was placed on the train and ridership grew. Cats were painted on the outside of the cars and more cats were placed inside the train cars. Attendance skyrocked (see photo below). At any rate it was a fun stop, guaranteed to keep you laughing if you like feline friends.

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