Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller
Expedition Date:   2017
We spent two days hiking all six major trails at Hocking Hills including Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave and Rock House.  I had to investigate Conkle’s Hollow since stories abound that the hollow was haunted.  The grail was named for W.J. Conkle who carved his name on the sandstone on one of the gorge walls.  

ALLEGED CLAIMS: People claim that the alleged ghost of a pioneer haunts the hollow.  The pioneer used to have a small cabin near the hollow.  The ghost of the pioneer has been seen on the upper trail.

A second claim is that Horsehead Cave on the lower rim trail has a unique legend tied to it.  It is said that Native Indians hid treasure nearby, a cache of silver stolen from settlers.  The ghosts of the Native Indians are said to guard the cave.     

FINDINGS: Rosie and I hiked the 1 mile beautiful lower gorge trail.  The trail was shaded by the cliffs and was adjacent to a small stream.  Moss, plants and large rocks abound the right side of the trail.  At the end of the trail the stream created a small waterfall.  It was a cool, peaceful and relaxing stop where we sipped water and ate a cliff bar.  The lower trail was in a isolated oval canyon which gave you a creepy feeling.  You could scream and it would echo back at you.  We retraced our steps to the front entrance of the gorge.  We climbed steps and then hiked the 2 mile upper rim trail.  Due to overgrowth there were not any good views of the gorge and lower trail below.  Nor did we hear nor see any ghost of a pioneer nor the remains of a pioneer’s cabin.

The upper trail was a good workout but not very scenic. We highly recommend the beautiful lower gorge trail.

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