Expedition Team: Jim Hall, Sara Chaffins, Dave Miller
Expedition Date:  February 2018, April 2021
Several concerned PRC staff members contacted me with stories that took place at the recreation center in the previous six months and asked if POOP (Paranormal of Ohio Investigators) would investigate. The staff felt scared, uneasy working alone and some felt an “evil” presence.

PARANORMAL CLAIMS:  Here are many separate reports. (1)At closing time, one staff member heard keys jiggling down the hall and thought it was the gym monitor. The hallway camera showed no one there. (2)Four staff members drove up to the PRC after closing and saw the shadow of someone at the front desk. The hallway lights came on as if someone was walking down the hallway. Grace called up to the PRC office and the manager answered. She was by herself and said she was not downstairs at all. (3)Two staff members were setting up the basketball gym for a large rental. They awaited another person who was bringing a PA system. They heard loud knocking on the east wall and outside door. No one was there. They sat back down on the stage. More knocking but no one there. They heard footsteps on the roof, a rock or something bouncing and someone chasing it. Then multiple footsteps. More knocking on the door. The staff was scared and left the gym. (4)Staff member heard voices in the basketball gym when working an overnight rental but no one was in the gym. (5)Two staff members were working out after closing. One was in the weight room and heard someone tapping on the window as if trying to get her attention. This happened twice. No one was on the track. (6)Voices were coming from the conference room and the door was open. No one was in the room and the door had been locked a half hour earlier. (7)Staff member heard knocking on the pipes and stairway handle in back hallway as if someone was trying to get their attention. No one was there. (8)After the PRC closed at 9pm, staff checked the locker room, heard a voice, then back door to gym opened and a voice cursed. Staff checked everywhere but no one was in the building. Locker room door was left open by staff but now it was closed. (9)Custodian was sweeping locker room and saw a head poking around the corner. He immediately ran back and no one was there. (10)Staff was closing and voices were heard on the second floor, then on the stairs landed. Do one was in the building. (11)Custodian was in building all alone and heard hallway on top of stairs slam. (12)When opening in the morning alone the worker hears doors slamming. Also feels she is being watched.

ERICA BAKER ANGLE:  Nine year old Erica Baker disappeared on Feb. 7, 1999 near the Kettering Recreation Center. A staff member told me two mediums, Erica’s father and a group of volunteers searched Wax Park in March 1999 as the mediums felt Erica’s body was near “water and a construction site”. The search team concentrated on the future Splash Moraine’s pump house, wave pool and they found clothes in the airpark wooded area. They returned 3 or 4 times and found nothing. Was Erica’s body buried under the PRC or waterpark?

INVESTIGATION & FINDINGS:  The team investigated at closing time when many claims were made and then spent three more hours when the PRC was closed. Investigators took photos and took EVP’s at all of the locations where claims were made. There was no evidence on the EVP’s when questions about Erica Baker were asked. The HVAC equipment made loud noises when kicking on and off but the sounds did not sound similar to the knocking or footsteps heard by staff. Hallway lights are activated by motion sensors and all worked properly. No evidence was obtained on this investigation. A follow-up investigation will be held if claims persist. Note: When running on the indoor track on several mornings, Dave Miller heard footsteps on the roof which turned out to be large crows. Could this be what some staff members heard at night?

RECENT CLAIMS: December 16, 2019 – custodian Andrea was cleaning the hallway about 8pm after the PRC was closed and she heard strange loud banging noise in the gym and also footsteps on the ceiling. No one else was in the center but her. April 2021 – employee Jim Hall entered the maintenance room and screamed – but the white ghost was just a shower curtain hanging on a pole drying (Photo#7).


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