OHIO BIGFOOT CONFERENCE Salt Fork State Park, Cambridge, Ohio

Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Jacque Kelly, Nick Kelly, Matt Miller, Holly Miller
Expedition Date: 2012 , 2014 & 2016                                                                                          

We attended the Conference twice. Held at the beautiful state park lodge, we enjoyed viewing the booths, sculptures and art work, book authors, entertaining lectures and meeting the special guests.  They sold just about everything Bigfoot related. When Matt and I attended the 2012 Conference, one guest was author Peter Byrne.  In 2014, Jacque, Nick, Holly & Rosie joined me and we met Cliff Barackman from the “Finding Bigfoot” TV show and Californian Bob Gimlin who, along with Roger Patterson, shot the famous sasquatch film in October of 1967 at Willow Creek, California.  Gimlin loved Holly & Jacque (Photo #5-#7).  Jacque has a unique talent to avoid long lines and suddenly appear with the special guests.  In 2016, Rosie and I camped at the state park and attended the Conference, meeting Bobo Fay (Photo#2 & #4) and Cliff Barackman (Photo#3 & #9) of “Finding Bigfoot” and also Bob Gimlin again.  We enjoyed hiking many trails in the state park where several Bigfoot sightings have taken place in the past.



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