SNORKEL WITH THE MANATEES Expedition #2 Crystal River, Florida

Scuba Team: Dave Miller, Holly Miller, Justin Eller                                                                                Scuba Date:  October 23, 2019

We left Daytona Beach at 4:30am and drove across the state to American Pro Divers at Crystal River Dive Shop.  The boat left Pete’s Pier and passed 8 other boats of snorkelers already at sites.  We hit the cold 65 degree water at 8:20am.  Visibility was 5 to 8ft.  We swim with a mother and baby manatee for 40 minutes.   The mother communicated with the baby through clicks and whistles.  Later, we saw 6 to 8 more manatees as we went back to dock in the boat.  At the dock we saw a fishing boat that had 40 vultures sitting on it – poop everywhere.  The poor captain had a big cleanup to do.  We warmed up with lunch at the Crab Plant Restaurant.  I ate blue crab chowder and delicious hog fish.

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