Investigation Team: Jim Hall, Dave Miller, Harold Fullaway
Investigation Date:   October 2018

Harold invited us to his house on Cadillac Street due to ongoing paranormal activity there. He believes the majority of activity is a friendly spirit, most likely his wife Sadie.

  Front of house: Jordy the dog: other than one time real quick, Jordy does not go into the kitchen as if he senses something in the kitchen that scares him. Just now going into the back room where he fears something.  
When Harold was in living room, the ivory elephant flew off the shelf 3 or 4 feet. Another one flew off and flew over to where son Tommy was sitting. On the shelf is a photo with wife Sadie that passed away in 2003.
In the back room, Harold heard what sounds like dog chains rattling. Jordy stares out at the sounds. Five dogs (household pets named Boo Boo, Rusty, Belle & Bo) have died over the years in the house. Occasionally he feels what he thinks is a ghost dog jumping up in bed with him; October 2017, Halloween morning at 7:30am – heard a male voice in the back room that goes outside; smell of garbage or rotten flesh in back room. October 2018, Harold was walking back to get his laundry on Halloween morning heard a female voice say “Dave”. December 2019 – when rearranging things for Christmas season, he moved the love seat by the kitchen entry. He was watching TV and turned it down as he heard breathing coming from the kitchen. It wasn’t Bo or son Tommy. (Harold hears good in left ear, 10% in right ear); On Sat., Jan. 4, 2020, Harold was brushing his teeth and saw a black orb just above floor level; On Thurs., January 9, 2020, around 11pm, Harold walked into the dimly lit bedroom. There was a night light in the bedroom and a light on in the living room. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a black shape/form by the dresser. He thought it was Jordy, but around from the bed came Jordy.
House: built in 1943 as a defense cabin. Harold doesn’t know it housed soldiers. Two more defense cabin houses are on Holman Street. Harold has lived in the house 44 years.
INVESTIGATION:  Jim took EMF readings in the kitchen, living room and back room while I took EVP recordings.  We had high EMF readings in the kitchen which was expected with all of the electric.  After Dave said a blessing, Jim & I were in the back yard and Harold saw a black orb fly across between us and into the garage.  Oddly, Jim obtained EMF readings near the ground but not overhead where there was an overhead electric line.  Although we caught no evidence today, we will return again since Harold has ongoing activity.



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