Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller

Expedition Date: 2017

This .6 mile gorge trail and the rock house are awesome.  You have to be careful on the gorge trail which has stone steps and slow going but once inside the rock house the experience is fantastic.  The rock house has , amazing curving colored rocks, natural gothic type windows and incredible views.    Small recesses in the back wall were once used as baking ovens by native Americans and settlers living in the cave.   Troughs in the floor were believed to hold water.  Legend has it that the cave was once used as a hideout by thieves who stole from people who traveled the nearby roads. 

Back at the parking lot there once stood, around the 1900’s, a hotel called “The Rock House”.  We then hiked the  .2 mile rim trail which was overgrown with few views.  The next to last photo below is a new archeological find made by Dave – it is called “Butt Crack Rock”.

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