Expedition Team:  Dave Miler, Rosie Miller

Expedition Date:  2017

This should have been Ohio’s National Park.  It is beautiful.  It is a one mile hike to Old Man’s Cave but the entire trail hike down to Cedar Falls and back is a 7 mile round trip which we greatly enjoyed.  The cave is huge and awesome.  Part of the Buckeye Trail is also the lower trail along the bottom of the gorge  This moderate trail is a combination of flat land, steps and climbing over and around huge rocks.  The upper gorge overlook trail is 2.9 miles and is shaded with a few overlooks of the gorge.  In addition to Old Man’s Cave this area has both an upper and lower falls area and a unique rock formation called sphinx head.

We visited the local town of Logan and viewed a few unique downtown shops like a 1960’s museum and a city park with a mural of local Indian Chief Logan.

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