Expedition Team:  Rosie Miller,  Dave  Miller, Jacque Kelly                                                      Expedition Date:  May 13, 2018

Jacque joined us as we put in north of the Dryden Road Bridge opposite Edwin Moses Blvd. and took the current south to the Moraine East River Landing.  A half mile south of where we put in on the west bank is a large drainage tunnel.  I kayaked in until I couldn’t see any farther.  I will return with a head flashlight and see how far I can go.  This tunnel will make a great scene for our zombie movie that we are filming.  We saw blue herons and turtles.  One flying heron looked like Mothman.  I saw an old brick from Ironton, Ohio lodged in the roots of a fallen tree.  I want to return in my boat and dig it loose as it is probably from an old brick manufacturing plant on the Ohio River.

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