Fishing Team:  Matt Miller, Dave Miller                                                                                         Fishing Date:  July 2017

Matt and I were out fishing on the Miami River.  Matt caught a large catfish and I caught a bluegill.  We cruised south to the West Carrollton/Moraine low dam and then four miles north past SunWatch Village.  As we boated under the Main Street Bridge we saw a bunch of bird houses caked onto the side of the bridge with bird heads sticking out.   Heading back south to the dock Matt saw a beaver with a stick in its mouth on the east bank.  He cut the engine and we glided over towards it.  Miraculously, the boat got within one yard of the shore and the beaver didn’t move.  You could suddenly see that the beavers eyes realized we were very close and he took two steps and dove into the river.  He splashed so close to the boat that water splashed up into the boat and got me wet.


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