Fishing Team:  Matt Miller, Dave Miller          Fishing Date:    June 2018

Matt and I put in just south of the low dam south of Miamisburg opposite Chautaucqua.  The Great Miami River glistened in the bright sunshine.  Matt had his kayak loaded with fishing gear.  We headed south and immediately encountered some fast rapids.  Sadly, his friend Adrian had overturned his kayak at this spot a few days earlier and lost his tackle box and some gear.  Just beyond the rapids near the east bank was the body of a dead deer.   Matt and Adrian caught some huge catfish there.  Apparently, the deteriorating remains and smell of the deer attracted catfish.  The odor was pretty rank but Matt casted near the deer and soon he caught one large catfish.  I tried the same area but had no luck.  Later downriver we beached on a huge flat rock in the middle of the river and fished off of it a few minutes.

I added a photo of the same rock when I was bicycling on the nearby bike path. One single sunflower was growing out of the rock.  The photo I took got published in the Dayton Daily News.

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