Expedition Team:  Dave Miller, Rosie Miller, Nick Kelly, Jacque Kelly, Holly Miller        Expedition Dates:  March 2018

We hiked four times in March at Germantown Metropark.  Winter hiking on the 7.5 mile Orange Trail is fun but right after snow melt or rain some of the trail by Twin Creek or on the steep hills are wet and slippery.  One creek crossing was very slippery as Holly fell down and got muddy (Photo#5).  Genius Nick bypassed the creek and went overhead on a tree limb (Photo#6).  We saw a few turtles on the trail and a large animal print which turned out not to be a sasquatch print.  Someone had left a large unique hiking stick behind.  From the looks of the stick it might have been Moses.  We noticed another pair of hiking sticks leaning up against the restroom.  I wonder who was in there?

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