Expedition Team:  Justin Eller, Holly Miller, Dave Miller                                                            Expedition Date:  November 2017

We hiked this heavily overgrown trail on the east side of the Pinnacles just north of the Devil’s Backbone.  This was one of the last hikes in this wooded area that has now been 80% deforested in order to build Pinnacle Ridge Subdivision.  We searched for the remains of the old Darroch house.  Finally, in the trees and bushes we found the foundation.  We dug and removed a brick from the foundation engraved W.W.C.O. that dated back to 1928.  The remains of a concrete and wood bridge over a small gorge was engraved 1929.  We are not sure if that was the year it was built or not.  Along the trail we also discovered an old abandoned outhouse which gave me the opportunity to pose for a crappy photo.


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