Expedition Team:  Rosie Miller, Dave Miller, Nick Kelly, Jacque Kelly & a very young Junior Kelly                                      Expedition Date:   May 2017, July & August 2020

We parked at Carillon Park along the Great Miami Valley Recreational Trail.  We immediately were able to get a photo of Orville, one of two eagles nesting in a tree at the park.  We biked north into Dayton and enjoyed the Metropark Giant Fountain Display in the middle of the Great Miami River.  We biked northeast on a spur we had never been on and ended up at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  On the way back we passed a shuddered old 1920’s mansion.  We saw several blue herons and cranes along the riverbank.  It was a beautiful day for a 14 mile bike ride.

Nick & Jacque joined us a month later for the same route but we bicycled several more miles farther past WPAFB this time. It was a scenic ride as we ascended several  switchbacks up to the top of Huffman Dam.  We continued on another mile through a tunnel and up the steep hill to the Wright Brothers Memorial at Huffman Prairie Interpretive Center.  Nearby in the park were five native American mounds (Photo#7).  From the hill were great views back down at the dam, of Huffman Prairie and of Wright Patt AFB.

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