Expedition Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller
Expedition Date:   June 2018

Our ten days in Alaska was focused on hiking, kayaking, white water rafting and sightseeing.  I did not plan any paranormal investigations on this trip but I would ask about any myths or mysteries wherever we went.  National Park rangers at Kenai Fjords National Park southeast of Anchorage told me stories and sightings in the park and around the Kenai Peninsula of the Alaskan Hairy Man.

Native Alaskans handed down stories for generations whom they called Nantiinaq described as a seven foot tall creative covered with brown, black or red hair, long arms & legs, has a horrible smell and emits unearthly screams.

The 2 mile hike at the National Park took us on a semi-wooded trail through an area where hairy man sightings by fishermen, park staff and forestry workers took place as recent as a few years ago.  It was a beautiful cloudless 60 degree day as the trail led us to Exit Glacier.

We did not hear any scary screams or see unusual scat along the trail but it was interesting to know that the Nantiinaq descriptions matched similar sightings of a creature reported in wooded areas in our lower 48 states. Although no real physical evidence has ever been found to substantiate the existence of a Hairy Man or Bigfoot to satisfy the scientific community, it is compelling that similar reports through the centuries have taken place in our northernmost state thousands of miles away.

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