Dive Team: Dave Miller, Rosie Miller                            Dive Date: June 10, 2008

HISTORY: The Hermes was a 165 foot WWII buoy tender built in 1943 with a tall mast positioned forward of the wheelhouse.  In 1983 it limped into Bermuda harbor carrying supplies to Cape Verde Island near Africa.  The owners did not have money for repairs, so it was sunk as an artificial reef one mile offshore at Horseshoe Bay.

While celebrating our 25th anniversary in Bermuda, I dove and Rosie snorkeled the wreck of the Hermes using Blue Water Divers. I dove about 25 minutes with only 20 feet visibility.  Very few photos turned out. The 165 foot long boat was well preserved with the hull resting almost upright at the bottom at about 75 feet with the wheelhouse only 45 feet from the surface.  A hurricane recently moved the ship about 300 yards.  I had fun swimming through the cabin, lower deck and one hold.  A large grouper swan in and out of the pilot’s cabin.  Also saw one barracuda.


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