THE HAUNTED USS SASSIN YOUNG Navy Yard, Boston, Massachusetts

Investigation Team: Dave Miller
Investigation Date: May 10, 2009

HISTORY: Here where the Charles River meets the Boston Yard, the 30 acre National Historic Site has served the Navy for 174 years and was integral in military engagements from the War of 1812 to World War II. The USS Cassin Young was a Navy Fletcher-class Destroyer launched 1n 1943 and is 376 feet long.  It is one of only four Fletcher-class Destroyers still afloat.

PARANORMAL CLAIMS: As I toured the boat, I spoke privately with two tour guides who were ex-WWII sailors.  They said during one battle, shells tore through this section (see photo #1) and killed several sailors. They have heard voices and seen a male ghost dressed in uniform walk straight through the metal wall. Twenty-three other sailors were killed during two separate Japanese kamikaze attacks during the ships seven Pacific Ocean battles.

FINDINGS:  After the regular group tour, one tour guide conducted me down the ladder (see photo#2), underneath the wall that was destroyed where voices have been heard.  We spend about five minutes there taking EVP’s where it was quiet.  I took photos there above above on deck where the wall was replaced and the ghost was seen.  I was unable to gather any evidence in that short period of time.   The USS Constitution, also called “Old Ironsides”, was anchored nearby.  It was one six original ships of the US Navy and is well known for its action in the War of 1812.  It was an interesting tour.



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