Expedition Team:  Jacque Kelly, Dave Miller                                                                                    Expedition Date:  April 2018

I love Roadside Attractions. Here are three that we discovered in the city of  Athens.  Jacque & I walked downtown & visited Little Kook, a fairy tale themed restaurant with bizarre artwork inside and outside (Photos#1-#5)

Outside Little Kook was famous Pittaki Street, where people have hung over 150 multi-colored lamps, lanterns, chandeliers of all sizes and a few pairs of shoes over wire above the street.(Photos#6-#7).  The lights are turned on at night making a scenic street.

After visiting the Acropolis Museum we stopped by and bought ice cream at Hans & Gretel, another elaborate themed ice cream and candy shop. Inside were brightly colored decorations and a birthday party room (Photos#8-#11). Jacque and I ate large ice cream cones covered by an assortment of toppings.

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